Buy Email Lists

If you want to avoid all the time and effort it takes to grow your email opt-in or double opt-in list, you can buy one instead. Some services offer double opt-in email lists of several million members. When you send an email to such lists, your email is delivered to all the members in the list. Lists of these types are known as safe lists. A safe list is an email list in which all the members of the list agree to receive emails from all the other members. The term of mass mailing the list is known as an "email blast". Therefore when a member of a safe list sends an email blast, that email is received by all the members in the safe list.

Some mass mailing services charge more than $100 for a single email blast. I have also seen a company charge $1800 for a single email blast targeting 1 million users. This is completely absurd! In my opinion using any of these services is a complete waste of money. You can find lots of cheaper alternatives on the net. In fact some companies charge a lifetime membership of only $29.95 for daily blasts to 3 million recipients. is a top rated email marketing service. For a one time fee of only $39.95 you can send a daily blast to 2.7 million targets which adds up to 81 million targets per month. claims that it has the fastest mass mailing service on the market. Once you become a member, all emails are sent from the web browser without the need to download any software. You can also change your ad any time you want to market a new product. Emails can be sent in HTML or text format. claims that its safe list is created exclusively from double opt-in list subscribers. The list is also updated on a daily basis. The service also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Safe Mail Services

Safe Mail Services is another major email marketing service claiming to be theleader in email marketing for small businesses. Members can send daily blasts to 3.1 million users which add up to 96 million targets monthly. Emails can be sent in html format and can include flash and sound, or else can be sent in text format. Safe Mail Services only cost $29.95 for lifetime membership. lets you send email blasts to 2.3 million recipients which make 70 million recipients in a month. Unlike their competitors above provides you with mailer software which lets you post emails directly from your PC.

When you join you also get for free 4 internet marketing eBooks, a software megapack, a web tools kit, and HTML editor/creator, an HTML tutorial, an antspyware program and other free stuff. costs $34.50 for lifetime membership.