Creating an Opt-In List

There is no best way to create an opt-in list and different people might have different ways for creating their opt-in list. Creating an op-in list usually takes a lot of time and effort time and it is not something that you could do overnight. You should create your opt-in list from a variety of sources, the more sources you use the bigger will your opt-in list be. However you should aim for quality rather than quantity. It is better to have one hundred subscribers that read your emails regularly rather than have a one millions subscribers that never read your emails. It is up to you how you should create your list, however I am giving you some ideas below:

Using a Web Site Form

Put a form on your web site so that people can register to your opt-in list through the form. An excellent web contact form can be found at Please note that this form requires PHP to work so make sure that the web server on which you are hosting your site supports PHP.

To convince people to register to your opt-in list you probably need to give them something in return. Offer them one, two or more free eBooks for subscribing to your op-in list. The more free gifts you give them the less reluctant people are to register to your opt-in list.

If you hope that people get to your web site through a search engine then you should register your web site to the search engines. As mentioned earlier you might also need to optimize your web page or use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks to improve the placement of your page in the search engines rankings. I won’t go into the details of how to subscribe to the search engines or how you should optimize your web site. To tell you the truth it is hardly ever recommended to register your website to search engines. When you register a website to a search engine it can take several weeks for your website to show in the search engine. However there are SEO techniques by which your website can show in the search engines after a day without the need of registering you website to search engines. Some of these techniques are mentioned in the free eBook Search Engine Optimization Made Easy written by SEO guru Brad Callen. Admittedly this guy knows a lot more than me when it comes to improving your web site position in the search engine rankings. Brad is also the developer of the excellent SEO Elite software.

Using Links in Emails

If you are selling goods then you will probably receive several emails from people asking for more information on the goods themselves, on shipping and warranty terms and so on. When you reply to the emails you can always include a link to subscribe to your mailing list.

As stated before offering something back in return for subscribing to your mailing list would help a lot in getting more subscribers. What you offer in return is entirely up to you. If you are selling eBooks you can offer them one or more free eBooks in return as already mentioned. If you are selling physical goods you can give them a discount for subscribing to your list. You might loose a few cents from your selling price but in doing so you would have gained some potentially long term customers.

Using Links in eBooks

If you are selling eBooks then you can put a link from your eBook to subscribe to your mailing list. And don't forget to offer someting back in return.

Using Your eBay About Me Page

If you have an eBay seller account you can put a form on your eBay About Me Page so that people can register to your opt-in list through the form. Or you can link from the About Me Page to your web site containing the form for subscribing to your opt-in list.

Then in your eBay listings make a link to your About Me Page. To convince people to go to your About Me Page from your listings you can write something as “Please visit my About Me Page to get free gifts". Then on your About Me Page state that in order to get the free gifts one needs to subscribe to your mailing list.


At the time of writing you are permitted to put links to your web site on your eBay About Me Page and you are allowed to put links to your About Me Page from the listings themselves. However you are not allowed to link to your web site from within the listings themselves and you are not allowed to link to other auction sites from your About Me Page. However eBay rules do change so please read the eBay rules before doing anyting of this sort.