Paid Autoresponders

Maintaining an email list of several thousand users is a very tedious task. Although you might manage to keep the email list updated in a database or spreadsheet, sending emails to several thousand users is a very daunting task. Even if you use an automated emailing program there are many things that can go wrong when emailing several thousand users like the automated email program crashing during operation, your computer going out of memory and so on.

So if you are into internet marketing or if you want to create and maintain a huge email list of your own you have no alternative but to subscribe to an Autoresponder or invest in an Autoresponder program. But what is an Autoresponder? In simple terms, an autoresponder is a program that automatically collects the email addresses and other details of those that subscribe to your email lists. An autoresponder can be configured to reply to emails automatically and to send emails to your subscribers on a schedules basis. The next section tackles the best and most popular autoresponders:

Best Autoresponders

There are many autoresponder services on the net. However the two most popular autoresponder services and the ones that generally provide the best services are GetResponse and Aweber:


GetResponse comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and huge list of features that include unlimited messages, advanced personalization, advanced tracking, loads of customizable message templates, autoresponder speed of less than 20 seconds and many other features. GetResponse boasts that over 500,000 internet marketers have used their services since 1998. Unlike its major competitors GetResponse also provides a free version. The free version will add advertisements to your emails but it is still worth considering especially if you are new to internet marketing and don't want to break the bank. When you subscribe to GetResponse you also get free email customer support and toll-free phone support.


Aweber offers unlimited campaigns, lists, follow up messages, pre-designed and fully customizable email templates and newsletters. Aweber boasts that it provides more than 99.3% email deliverability. Aweber's service includes the option to easily create and add opt-in web forms to your website. When you subscribe to Aweber you get a 30 day risk free guarantee, free training guides and videos plus expert unlimited free customer support.