The Money Is In The List

“The money is in the list”. Have you ever heard this quote? If not then you are surely not into internet marketing. “The money is in the list” is the motto of many internet marketers. If you don’t have an email list then you cannot contact anyone. And if you cannot contact anyone then how can you market your products? In other words, if you do not have a list then you are not a true internet marketer.

Some might say that you can always market your products on a web site through search engines. In my opinion this statement is only partially correct. There are various disadvantages when you market a product only through search engines:

- Few if anyone would ever come to your site if your site does not show in the first two to three pages in the search engine rankings.

- When you submit a web page to a search engine the search engine crawlers usually takes weeks to index the web page.

- A web page usually needs to be optimized for search engine crawlers in order to be listed in the first two to three search engine pages. This might take some time and effort. When you market your products to your list you cannot care if the web page is optimized for the search engines or not.

- You might need to use Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or other pay per click ads to bring targeted traffic to your web site. Obviously this costs money.

- You cannot estimate exactly how many people get to your site through a search engine. On the other hand you usually know exactly how many people you have in your list.

- You cannot contact potential customers at your discretion through a search engine. On the other hand if you have a list then you can market your products whenever you like.