The Opt-In List

In the article The Money Is In The List I state that every internet market should have a list. This is theoretically incorrect. Every internet marketer should have an opt-in list. What is an opt-in list? An opt-in list is one where every person on the list has requested to be part of the email list. Not only this but every person in an opt-in should have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the list at his or her pleasure.

The problem with opt-in lists is that someone might register your email address without your permission. Although you can unsubscribe from the opt-in list such a thing might still be a nuisance especially if you subscibed to mulitple opt-in lists without your consent.

Double Opt-In Lists

Double opt-in lists are said to be better than than opt-in lists because of the fact that one has to confirm that he wants to be part of the list. This is usually done by clicking on a confirmation link thus confirming that you are the rightful owner of the email address.

Double opt-in lists can still be a nuisance if one registers your email address without your consent to multiple lists. However a double opt-in list has its advantages. For example suppose that you are abroad without access to your email for 30 days. Now imagine that someone registereed you to 100 opt-in lists without your consent and assume that you receive an email from each of these email lists on a daily basis. In this case you would find 3,000 "spam" emails when you open your mailbox on your return. However if these opt-in lists were in fact double opt-in lists then you should only find 100 "spam" emails.

Guidelines For Creating Email Lists

You should always follow the guidelines below while creating your email list:

- Do not borrow or buy opt-in or double opt-in lists to market your products unless it is a safe list (see Buy Email Lists). If someone did not ask to become member of your list then you cannot legally send him / her any emails to market your products or those of affiliate partners.

- When you send your marketing emails to your opt-in list or double opt-in list you must include the option to unsubscribe from the opt-in list in every single email.

If you are not doing things this way then you are "spamming" people. Spamming is a criminal offense in many countries and you can be prosecuted, fined or even jailed if you are caught spamming people.